·         Kardemir has been contributing to the environment by establishing its own Wind Power and Solar Power Plants as well as benefiting from this ‘Green Energy’ in final product manufacturing processes carried out in KARDEMIR HADDECILIK SAN VE TIC A.S plants.


·         Ornithological observations, documenting that the birds’ migratory routes are not banned areas where wind energy plants are installed, are carried out in every 6 months.


·         Financial support is provided to many schools in Denizli and Izmir,  where our production facilities are located.


·         We have renewed and improved many village roads in the regions where our Power plants are located, renewing the electricity lines and poles, improving the roads in the planting areas, making irrigation pools and replicating the planting and planting areas; and there is still regular and continuous afforestation at the moment, giving organic farming, promoting support to local people for domestic production


·         Our contribution to the education in Turkey still continues since 2005, when Nevzat Karalp High School was established.


Many scholarships have been provided to village schools where our Power Plants are located, and the students according to their areas of interest, and these students have filles us with proud thanks to their achievements throughout the country


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