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Quality Control Procedure

In 2005, with the aim of, one of our basic principles, ensuring the application of  internationally required quality control procedures for the raw material as well as the final product, our own laboratory was established in our factory inorder to apply internal inspection both mechanically and chemically in compliance with the international EN10204 / 3.1 Surveillance Certificate requirements, all facilities are used to ensure maximum customer satisfaction

We are working with our team for 24 hours a day without interruption,. to ensure our customer satisfaction.

Qur Laboratory and Studies

In our Quality Control laboratory we carry out chemical analyzes, mechanical and metallographic tests.


Quality Control Processes

All of our final products are subject to our Quality Control Experts’ supervision for all processes they are involved beginning from their raw materials until they are released from our factory area

The appropriate raw materials which are approved at the end of all internal tests and observations are followed up, reported , and tagged by two of our Quality Control specialists according to international standard and order requirements beginning from the time they are included in production; Engineers in laboratory execute the mechanical tests and observe surface conformity; then, logistics engineers accompany the loading processes of the materials and release their shipment by barcoding the approved bundles.

Bundles’ instant follow up can be done thanks to barcoding system.

Thanks to the ‘Alarming’ and ‘Reporting’ features of  'Automatic Instant Alarm System' during all above processes, we always have a chance to minimize any unexpected situations before the materials leaves our factory area.

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