Our Mission

Providing satisfaction to our customers with the participation of our employees, creating a difference with our sensitivity to our environment and collecting, adding value to our life.


Our Vision

Being the preferred company in global iron and steel sector by developing our product range and service quality with our advanced technology and dynamic organization 


Our Values

‘Responsibility’ on what we are doing


'Quality-focused' product and service


‘Respect’ in steel industry and society


Promoting ‘Qualified product and service’ which is a gift of succesfull team work


Renewal, development, stable growth, benefit to sector and country economy with the aim of 'Continuous development'



  • We are a profit-making company that takes account of the interests of the country and is subject to regular financial audits
  • We are an investor, entrepreneur, innovative, open to growth, strategic thinking, researcher, hardworking, rational, technologically responsible, collaborative, tolerant, compromising, equitable, moderate, transparent company that takes competitive power not from low prices but from high quality product and service.
  • We have an ethical approach to managing all processes in accordance with national and international laws, as well as a company managed with values and culture
  • We are a company that takes all measures to ensure Worker Health and Work Safety based on human health and safety
  • We are a company that makes investments with economic and environmental identity
  • We are a company producing for the country and the World


Our international competitiveness, our increased performance, our investments and our social responsibilities are our main motivations within our principles.


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Yeni Foça Yolu Üzeri 19. Cadde No: 3 Aliağa / İzmir
+90 (232) 625 22 22
+90 (232) 625 19 42
[email protected]
[email protected]


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